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Singer Songwriter Series with Jacob McCurdy


Jeanette’s of music began at the age of 2, thanks to her mom and dad she was listening to everything from Dylan to Hendrix, At the age of 10 she began to teach herself how to play the guitar and not too long after she began writing and recording original music, she attended many open mics all around the state of Maine. Music has taken her many places from trying out for The Voice in New York to recording her first album in Nashville

Nick A Zaino

Nick A, Zaino is a boston based singer/songwriter with a deep appreciation for the roots of American music. The songs the thing, whether its a country weeper or charging four-chord rock and roll. Zaino is a multi-instrumentalist often plays solo acoustic. He enjoys quit introspective songs and lonesome sound of a harmonica or turning up his amp and fronting a full rock band. His debut full length album is blue skies and Brokern Arrows and he is currently working on a follow up!