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Dave Alves

On Friday night we're bringing back Dave Alves Music to the stage for another great performance at The Bebop! Being full aware of the great impact of music to all who appreciate it, Dave brings an energy rollercoaster to his live performances. Up-tempo tunes from your favorite bands and creative twists on the classics, his re-imaginings of the songs you know pair well with his own brand of music.

Dave is known for bringing his solid vocals to the songs that you don't normally hear at the bars. Spanning genres from Jazz, Rock, Motown, R&B, and Pop, to keep you on your toes and your feet!

In 2019 Dave is also working on a full-length album, with Railroad Park Recording Company, of his original music which he will be featuring at the Bebop! So come by Friday March 1st from 7-10p and welcome Dave Alves back to Boston!

From the owners of The Burren, one of the most unique and thriving music venues in the Boston area, comes The Bebop. Situated at the intersection of Boylston and Mass Ave, next to the beating heart of music that is Berklee, The Bebop is primed to be a premiere destination for musicians and fans alike.

“The location is brilliant,” (owner and partner Tommy McCarthy) says. “We are so looking forward to creating a vibe of great music and atmosphere at the Bebop that has become a strong tradition at the Burren for the past 20 years.” -from Boston Magazine, article by Jacqueline Cain.